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4 Ways to Repurpose One Piece of Content

As a business owner, you can have a very busy schedule and it can become overwhelming to produce daily content. The best way to save time and energy is by repurposing your content!

What is repurposing content? Repurposing content does not mean simply reposting the same content on different platforms, it's the process of taking one piece of content and using it in different ways. When you repurpose, it not only saves time but it makes your content easily accessible for your audience.

It's important to remember that you are creating evergreen content so that it will be consistent, relevant, and engaging months or years later! We want to save your time by offering 4 different ways to repurpose one piece of content that can easily be shared on your website and social media platforms.

Let's begin...

1. Email Newsletter

We all know that weekly or monthly email newsletters are a perfect way to communicate with your audience and share updates about your business. It's important to keep the audience who have signed up for your newsletter informed since this is the target niche that is interested in you!

The most common ways to repurpose a piece of content in a newsletter are through blog posts and graphics that tease the information and leads the viewer to the website. Your email subscribers are not guaranteed to view your original post on social media platforms, so this is a tactful way to reach them.

2. Blog Post

No matter what kind of content it is, repurposing a simple post into a blog is a great option! Blogs are easy to share, promote and drive traffic to your profile and website. Blog posts show your expertise and offer a simple way to get more in-depth about the topic.

There are so many creative elements to include in a blog post such as quotes, graphics, GIFs, and video! These are all possible ways to emphasize one piece of information further to your audience through one medium.

Tip: When you are including different elements into the post, consider the type of quotes and graphics that can be repurposed again in the future!

3. Reels/Stories

Sometimes you just don't feel like reading a post and reels/stories is a better way to communicate! Video gives you the opportunity to show your personality, style, and information within a few minutes or seconds.

Reels/Stories can easily be turned into multiple mini clips or develop into a series from one piece of content. You can share these clips over time and be able to grab your viewer's attention through the addition of music, effects, and graphics.

Reminder: Consider the type of reel or story you will post on each platform as your Tik Tok's audience vs. Facebook's audience can differ in addition to format.

4. Infographics

Last but not least, you can repurpose your one piece of content as an infographic! Infographics are great ways to share information in a brief visual. This is helpful for repurposed content that includes a lot of numbers, tips, or heavy information that can be difficult to read at times in a simple post.

By using an infographic, gives you the opportunity to condense that one piece of content and add your brand's style with graphics! Nowadays people enjoy reading content in snackable moments and infographics are a perfect way to communicate your idea for your audience to understand.

If you consider the type of graphics that you include in it, that can be repurposed again as well! Longer infographics are perfect for Pinterest, however, a quick fact is a better fit to post on Instagram or Twitter.


Now you have a glimpse into what repurposing content is like, are you ready to post content? It's time to take the opportunity to grow, promote and share your brand!


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