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How to Create a Social Media Strategy That Works

You don't have to read a thousand articles to learn about social media strategies because we are here to offer you 5 easy phases to creating a social media strategy that offers real results.

Before we start, you have to keep in mind that through social media you are telling a story to your audience. These are your friends! You want to show some of your great personality and that will keep your viewers coming back for more.

Anyways, let's begin...

Phase 1: Understanding your audience

There are three important concepts that you must know to understand how to gain an audience and what to look for, these are:

Awareness: Learn how to get people interested and what type of posts peaks their interest.

Brand Loyalty: Create content that gets people convinced that your business is right for them.

Community: Now you have your audience's loyalty, but it's all about keeping them engaged and building a community together.

By understanding all of these concepts in combination with exploring your analytics, then needless to say you should be able to know who your audience is, what they are interested in, and how to keep them engaged.

Disclaimer: Never assume anything! Always use your research to understand what does and does not work.

Phase 2: Plan your content

Once you have gathered the information about your audience, it's time to start planning new content ideas to share on your social media platforms!

You want to make sure you are choosing content that fits your theme. Consistency is key whether its brand colors, tone, design, and images. Everything ties together!

Next, know what type of content is trending in your market. Any important holidays for this month? What about a national day? Everyone loves to celebrate and it's a great way to incorporate that with your business.

Phase 3: Build your audience

Now you have planned all your ideas so it's time to put it all together and share them on your social media platforms! There are so many ways to share content and it's best to try as many forms as possible to get an idea of what does or does not work.

Examples of platforms you can use:

  1. Graphics & Infographics

  2. Instagram Reels

  3. TikTok

  4. YouTube videos

Phase 4: Test your strategy

Now it's time to implement online marketing strategies and tactics to the test! You should start creating content that fits the platform. Remember, simply copy and paste may not work for platforms like LinkedIn versus TikTok.

Consider the audience that you are targeting for each platform and remove or add content that works. Don't be afraid to look at your competition! Seeing what others are doing can offer some great inspiration for when you are running out of ideas on what to post.

A great way to engage your audience is by sharing promotional campaigns with incentives to purchase. At the end of the day, one of your main goals is to make money!

Phase 5: Refine your strategies

So you have applied all the important techniques and shared your content with everyone, what do you see? Are there platforms that are not receiving as much engagement as you thought? Now, what can you do differently?

These five phases are a continuous cycle that you have to maintain in order to see how well you are doing on social media platforms. Continue to test, track, refine and plan new ideas because social media content is always evolving.

Now that you understand the five phases approach, get ready to create some content and share it with your audience!

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