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How to Write a Mission Statement for Your Brand in 4 Steps

The mission statement of your brand is very important to have! It's the guiding light to keeping your business on the right track, identifying who you are, and reaching your audience.

It should be a short, clear, and definitive statement summarizing the purpose of your business. It guides and inspires employees and sets expectations for interactions with customers. In addition, a mission statement separates you from all the competitors in your industry.

We want to tell you the 4 steps to creating an inspiring, clear, and influential statement that will grow your business! Let's get started.

Step 1 - Identify your brand values

Brand values and messages should always be customer-centric. Companies should always ask themselves: Who am I targeting and what do they need? This is the way to stay focused and not get lost in too many details.

The values are a set of beliefs or ideals that distinguish it from other brands. These values are expressed through company culture, marketing, products, services, etc. that is based on what your brand stands for, what they believe in, and what is important to them.

Identifying your brand values will create a strong emotional relationship with your audience because they will view your brand as more than selling a service or product. The best way to practice identifying your values is to brainstorm a list with your team.

Your team can help you become aware of certain aspects of the business to highlight and it's a great way to communicate your own thoughts out loud.

TIP: Some values to consider for your brand are integrity, leadership, accountability, or teamwork.

Step 2 - Write a Detailed Description & Identify the goals of the Business

Writing a detailed description of your business explains what your company does in basic terms. This should only be no more than two to three sentences. Creating a lengthy description can cause your audience to make assumptions or misinterpret what your brand offers.

Great questions to consider as you brainstorm the description are: What do we do? Who do we serve? Why are we in business? How does our product or service make people's lives better?

Once you identify the answers to these questions, it will become the framework of what you and your employees will follow. This is important because many people in your company can post content and everything will be consistent and clear across all platforms.

Also, consider the goals of the business! What do you want your business to achieve? You can list out potential short-term and long-term goals to assist in crafting your description.

Step 3 - Develop a Target Audience

A company's target audience is the group of people they want to reach with their product or service.

These groups can be broken down even further into categories like gender, ethnicity, income level, and more! The key to marketing a product or service is understanding what kind of person will be interested in it and targeting them accordingly.

The mission statement will reach the right audience that will eventually become loyal to your brand and will remember who you are and what you can offer them. Think about how your statement can solve their problem, and you're golden!

Step 4- Create a Call to Action for Your Customers

A call to action is a phrase that persuades website visitors to take a specific action. There are six types of calls to action that you can use on your website:

1. Request for information

2. Sell product or service

3. Provide contact information

4. Give incentive (discount) and entice customers with an offer

5. Ask for feedback and testimonials

6. Request subscription or registration (e-mail, newsletter, RSS feed)

This would be to have them take the next step in your conversion funnel. It could be something as simple as having them sign up for an account or requesting their email address. The possibilities are endless!


Are you ready to create a mission statement for your brand? Schedule a consultation and we'll help you GROW, PROMOTE and SHARE your brand!

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