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The Breakthrough Excelerator

Training Center & Co-Workspace

The Breakthrough is a space for women to collaborate, grow, learn, and experience their personal and professional breakthroughs. Our monthly members gain access to co-workspace, trainings and workshops, professional development, business coaching, digital media marketing services, and networking opportunities.

The Breakthrough: Services


Our co-workspace provides an opportunity for you to get out of your home office and interact with other professional women.  Our members are able to book workspaces in one-hour increments providing them with a space to focus and experience their breakthroughs.


Training & Workshops

Breakthrough members receive training from subject matter experts who have years of experience in several industries that will help them to grow in their respective areas.


Networking Opportunities

The best part of The Breakthrough is the opportunity for members to grow their personal and professional networks with other members. Not only do members get to work together, but they also get to collaborate.


Team of Excelerators

Our EXCELerators (coaches) are uniquely qualified to assist with developing business ideas, creating brand and rebrand strategies, and crafting marketing plans that will help businesses tell their story in an intriguing way.


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