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4 Creative Ways Entrepreneurs Can Use Canva

When you're an entrepreneur, you wear many many hats! One of those hats is being a great marketer and communicator. One of the best tools to help promote and share your product or service is Canva.

Canva has a free option to begin creating content for your business. However, if you want to create engaging and inspiring content, we suggest subscribing to the Canva Pro. Pro offers hundreds of more features, templates, and designs that can be used in different ways!

Canva Pro costs $12.95 per month or you can subscribe for the yearly rate of $119.40.

For a limited time, you can try Canva Pro FREE for 30 days. Sign up now through our affiliate link and follow our tips!

1. Media Kits

In this day in age, social media is the most influential and productive way to present your business to your target audience. To get your audience engaged with your business, visuals are important and Canva Pro is a great opportunity.

Canva Pro offers hundreds of amazing designs and templates to create a professional Media Brand Kit. What is a media kit? A media kit is an all-in-one document that contains information about your business that includes contact details, background information, images, testimonials, samples of products, and much more!

You can choose a Presentation Package through Canva and it has preset backgrounds, a cover page, and several variations of pages inside. Then you customize the look of the package as you like! Change the colors, insert your own images and text, and it's ready to go.

TIP: Share the documents with members of your team for more collaborative work and clients can access and edit their accounts through an editable link.

2. Social media graphics

The best part about Canva Pro is that there are so many templates for each platform, with accurate dimensions for each and for a busy person like you -- this saves time!

Choose an Instagram or Facebook post option and you have the choice of starting from scratch or clicking a template in the sidebar. If you like some of the elements from a template like the color and font but want to use your own image, you can delete and replace it with personal brand kit elements or stock photos.

There are so many ways to create a simple graphic, are you promoting an event? a discount? fill in the blank? No matter what it is, Canva offers hundreds of ways to make it your own.

Don't forget to save the image as a GIF, PNG, PDF or JPG.

REMINDER: If you select "transparent background" or "compress file," be aware that compressed files are not recommended if you're going to be printing these graphics.

3. Create a Bio-Link Website

Do you have a bio link on any of your social media accounts?

A Bio-Link is important and an effective way to bring traffic and sales to your website through social media platforms. Instagram and TikTok only let you place one URL in your bio and creating this with Canva will solve your problem! With one link you can simultaneously promote different channels.

Type in "bio link website" in the search bar of Canva and it will show a list of templates. Choose the one you like and begin changing the color, font, image, and name of your own!

Select one of the buttons that is listed and it will show a link section to copy and paste the direct link you want that button to take the person. This can be your blog, another social media account, or official website. Don't forget to hit apply and repeat this step for each button!

Once you're finished, hit "publish as website" and download as a presentation style or experiment with other styles depending on the platform it will be on.

Now that it is downloaded, copy the link that is in the search bar and there you have it!

TIP: You can use a different website tool like to shorten your link and share it on multiple platforms.

4. Videos or Reels

Go to the search bar in Canva Pro and type in "Tiktok videos" or "Reels" and it will show very similar formatted templates to choose from. In the side bare there will be multiple options to start off with that include all of the elements you need: a textbox, images, symbols, and the play function to customize.

Some templates of these reels include music that you can use or change to different audio. Use the sidebar to switch out the clip or image and replace it with your own. For the audio, you have the freedom to change the sound level of it which is very important if you want to be speaking during your video!

Download, save the file, and upload it to your Instagram reel or TikTok account, so easy!


Now that you have learned 4 new creative ways to use Canva for your business, are you ready to sign up? Be sure to click our affiliate above and get ready to elevate your business!


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